The Sims 3: Supernatural için Yeni Resmi Görüntüler

The Sims 3: Supernatural için The Sims 3’ün Facebook sayfasından iki adet yeni resmi görsel yayımlandı. Görsellerde asıl dikkat çekici nokta ise bir büyücünün Simleri kurbağa kafalı hale getirmesi.

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  1. Werewolf –
    Lunar Cycle – They are being controlled by this feature. It transforms a Sim into a werewolf under a full moon anywhere. If their mood drops too low, or they are suddenly angered, they will transform.Burkay bu bilgiler işe yarar mı

  2. The night of a full moon is a special event in Moonlight Falls, both feared and celebrated. As the moon rises forebodingly over the mountains, strange things will start to happen around the town…and even pets will be able to sense it. For fairies and witches, this special evening is particularly favored as it boosts their powers and happiness. Some ordinary Sims will embrace the eerie light of the moon, allowing its lunatic glow to consume them for the night and alter their personalities. Those who are stressed, insane, or more open to the supernatural will be especially susceptible; beware the slap or hug of the lunatic Sim who has been overtaken by the light of the moon! Other Sims will dismiss the strange happenings as “magical rubbish” and shut their eyes and their doors to anything out of the ordinary. (If your Sim happens to be afraid of ghosts, he might want to steer clear of the graveyard on this particular evening, as ghosts love to bask in the light of full moons). According to rumor, with the onset of the full moon the stranger, more “eccentric” members of the town tend to congregate late into the night. No one knows quite what they’re up to, but the more cowardly Sims may want to wait out the night safe in their beds. Your werewolf neighbors will be forced to transform and your dear friends in town might find themselves victim to zombification and forced into an intense hunger for other Sims’ brains. If your Sim hears a howl in the night or a deep moan coming from the lawn, this time it might not be just his imagination. Too dark? Too scary? Don’t worry! The moon is customizable! For so many Sims, for so many years, the full moon was all they knew. No crescent moons. No new moon. No waxing gibbous. This seemed like a pretty sad state of affairs. In Moonlight Falls, the moonlight, well…falls in a different way every day! By default, the moon will rotate through a number of different phases. The length of the complete cycle can be changed in the Options Panel. If you’re not really into this whole newfangled moon phase thing and really just want things to go back to how they were, well, you can do that, too! You’ll be able to set the phase of the moon to always be one phase and you can choose what that phase is. If you’re looking for a zombie apocalypse or if you just really like to make your werewolf Sims suffer, go ahead and set it to be a full moon every night. You’ll never have a dull night again! (Or, if your preference for zombie attack frequency leans more towards “no thanks,” set the moon to always be a nice, safe, waxing gibbous. Nothing bad ever happens when the moon is a waxing gibbous!) After the full moon has sunk beneath the horizon, Moonlight Falls will return to normal. Sims unfortunate enough to have been afflicted with zombification will suddenly realize the error of their ways and head back home. Werewolves will return to human form, dazed and a little confused. Witches and fairies will lose the boost they received from the moon. Ordinary Sims who were a little un-ordinary during the full moon will lose their crazy feelings and everything will be back to normal… or, as normal as it gets in Moonlight Falls. burkay işe yarar mı

    1. Oyundaki kasaba ve yaratıkları hikaye olarak anlatmış. Yani yeni bir şey yok.

    1. Neredeyse hpesi aynı ama Burkay şunu ekledi mi bilmiyorum ama, belki bu farklı olabilir;

      ” Vampirlerin hipnoz gücü sayesinde, ısırılmak simlere iyi bir fikirmiiş gibi gelecek. ” Yani hipnoz gücüyle simleri daha kolay ısırılmaya razı(!) edebileceğiz.

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