The Sims 3: Seasons, Origin Özel Görüntüleri Gelmeye Devam Ediyor

The Sims 3: Seasons Eklenti Paketi’nin Origin’den alanlara özel olarak verdiği hediye köpek balığı ve arı kostümünün görüntüleri gelmeye devam ediyor. Ayrıca bu kıyafetler her yaş evresi için geçerli olacak.

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  1. Burkay benim tablet e google play yok şimdi free playi apksini indirdim
    hata çıktı 5002 google da aradım EA forumda baktım
    ilk Sayfa
    Edited by EA_NINA:

    We have recently become aware of the cause of the 5002 error occurring across multiple EA titles. In response to your questions regarding the issue, I will try my best to explain the situation here.

    The fix for this issue must be completed on a case-by-case basis. By this, we mean not necessarily per device or per player having the issue, but rather per affected resolution. There are many device and firmware combinations resulting in various resolution changes that must be accounted for.

    Unfortunately this may take some time, as we must investigate each case separately to confirm the new resolution of a particular device/firmware, then make the necessary changes to the game assets to account for this change.

    Fixes that we intend for another device may enable your device to start working, though, as your device may happen to share the same resolution.

    I hope I have explained this clearly. Please post here if you have any other questions regarding this. We are working hard to stay on top of these sudden changes to get you all back in the game as soon as possible.

    If you are experiencing this issue, we ask that you let us know the following information so that we can make sure to continue supporting your device:
    1. Which model of device are you using?
    2. Which firmware do you currently have installed?
    3. Which version of the Sims FreePlay do you currently have installed?

    If you are experiencing this issue with another EA title, please follow the instructions on the EA Support Website FAQ ( to submit your information for that particular title. Remember to include a link to this thread in your ticket submission, if possible. We are only able to help you with Sims FreePlay issues in this particular forum.
    With some issues, our representatives may ask you to visit our EA support website for further assistance.

    The EA support site can be found here:
    Simply follow these instructions to submit your issue to the support team:

    1. Before you search the database for your issue, make sure that you have logged in using your EA username.
    2. In the “Product” field, type in “The Sims FreePlay”. There should be an auto-complete box that pops up with “The Sims FreePlay” in it. Click this box to activate that as your chosen product.
    3. Choose the category that your issue falls into from the drop down menu beside the Product input box.
    4. Select your platform from the next drop down menu.
    5. Click the Email Me button that should have become activated.
    6. This should refresh your page and produce a form for you to fill out. Please be as detailed as possible with your issue so that we can assist you. If applicable, you may also upload an image or crash report via the File Attachments. If you have posted a thread on the forums regarding your issue, please include the URL of your thread in your support ticket as it may be of great assistance to the representative helping you.
    2.sayfayı anlamadım

    1. 1. Veritabanını aramadan önce EA’e bağlı olduğunuzdan emin olun.
      2. ”Product” alanında ”The Sims FreePlay”i seçin. Orada otomatik olarak bitecek bir kutu olmalı. Bu kutuya tıklayın ve oyunuzu aktive edin.
      3. Hatanızı seçin.
      4. Oynadığınız platformu seçin.
      5. ”Email me” yazısına tıklayın ve gelen e-mail’i aktifleştirin.
      6. Bu işlemlerden sonra oyundaki hata ortadan kalkmış olabilir.

  2. Hangisini seçeceğim categoryden
    Game Play/In Game
    General Questions
    Technical Support

  3. step1 in altında şu var
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  4. Email Me dedim sonra şu çıktı

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    By providing a few details about your product, you’ll help us connect you with the Game Advisor who can most effectively provide the support you need.
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